We're about half a week underway since the Wiki was founded, and we began develpoment of Warfarecraft on MC! As of right now, we're still short on volunteer staff. However, with the combined efforts of myself and Albert Spark, we alone have made a ton of progress. We hope you like it! :) 

(Note: 95% of the structures you see are unfinished. The majority of them still need some major polishing up.)

  • View of City Hall
  • View of New Orleans Harbor (Rough Draft. About 20% completed)
  • New Orleans Subway (10% completed)
  • New Orleans Train Station (Exterior, 60% completed)
  • New Orleans Mansion
  • New Orleans Southern Victorian home
  • View of the "Upper Class" New Orleans neighborhood
  • View of Dixie's Firework Park
  • Fireworks!
  • Dixie's fireworks
  • More, Dixie's fireworks
  • View of New Orleans' middle class residential area
  • New Orleans!
  • New Orleans streets!
  • Harbor Park
  • View of New Orleans from the sea
  • Fort Phillip - Just outside New Orleans
  • Fort Phillip

We've been working around the clock, every day to make this happen! Once New Orleans is finished, we're planning on starting the implementation of the bulk of our plugins and mods that will be used in the game, particularly, the custom NPC skins/actions/names/ plugins/mods. 

While we're getting a lot done, we still need help! We need more active contributors on the wiki, and we need more developers working with us on the game! If you're interested in helping us out: (truly interested, not just willing to put in 5 minutes), then please leave a message in the comments below! Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Paradox Overlord (talk) 10:21, November 27, 2013 (UTC)

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